With bad performance and one less, Atlético ties with Fortaleza

With bad performance and one less, Atlético ties with Fortaleza

With a new lineup of coach Vagner Mancini, Atletico played very poorly, had a player carried off in this other half, but managed to draw the 2-2 draw against Fortaleza yesterday (2) at Castelão.

With 15 minutes of departure, in aerial play, Fortaleza opened the scoring with Gabriel Dias headed. After that, Atlético tried to create plays by the sides, but without success. Coach Vagner Mancini has cast David Terans and Geuvânio as tip holders, but has yielded very little.

However, in a shot from outside the area, the defender Patric hit a bomb that, with the goalkeeper’s failure, ended the tie for Atletico in the first half. However, the joy was short lived. Four minutes later, with another aerial move, Fortaleza drew with Gabriel Dias, even though Igor Rabello and Réver, both 1.95 meters tall, as quarterbacks.

In the second half, with just one minute, Geuvânio fouls and receives his second yellow card, making Atletico play the rest of the match with one player less.

So coach Vagner Mancini decided to change the ‘sparrow’ lineup he made early in the game. He put Fabio Santos in place of Guga, transferring Patric to the right-back, where is his original position; also took Terans that yielded little, and Nathan, for the entrance of Bruninho and Marquinhos, both of the base category.

With the changes, the Atletico team had a good response, being able to face the opponent face to face, even with one less player. This is largely due to the performance of the young promises who entered the second half. The team’s creativity and speed in attack were different from then on. After Marquinhos move, Galo managed to tie with goal of Fábio Santos.

Atletico’s next match will be this Wednesday (6) against Goiás, at Mineirão stadium, in  event sound for one 31st shot of the Brazilian Championship. Important game for Rooster to get away from the Z-4 .