Top 5 Century Scorers in CWC will be part of Euro League

Top 5 Century Scorers in CWC will be part of Euro League

ICC Cricket World Cup Leading Century Scorers

What do you think? Top scrores in world cup will be able to make top scores in Euro t20 Slam? Write your comments below.

Cricket is completely depends upon the runs and wickets. That means, each strong team has the best players who are good enough to make the runs and take the wickets. If we are talking about the players or batsmen, then it would be an interesting topic because they have the lots of responsibilities and in some condition, the chances of winning depends upon them. And if a player makes a century in a game, then it will be a nice and pleasurable moment for his fans.

What do you think? Can these players perform better in Euro t20 Slam? According to my opinion they will peform better again because there are less chances to lose performance I this short time.

Leading Century scorers in ICC Cricket World Cup  will be rewarded with the title as well as with some prizes. Every team wants to earn maximum title, and for that they are doing lots of practice. The name of top 5 leading century scorers in cricket world cup  will be soon announced, once the last match of ICC world cup will be over.

Names of Leading Century Makers

Virat Kohli (India), AB de Villiers (South Africa), Chris Gayle (West Indies), Steve Smith (Australia), Rohit Sharma (India) and Hashim Amla (South Africa) are expected cricketers who might scored most centuries in ICC Cricket World Cup . Cricket fans are predicting the  cricket world cup leading century-makers name, and the players are of different-different team.

It is just a prediction; the situation of a game can be changed any time. A player of cricket world cup  leading century scorers will be pleased to achieve this title, as well as it will be one of an awesome moment for his fans.

Leading Century Scorers

It is a mystery that who will scored the most centuries in cricket world cup , because it is only revealed when the matches will be started, and that is one of reason that cricket fans are eagerly waiting for the dates of ICC cricket World cup .

Euro cricket league is great opportunity for these players to perform again.

A player will feel honoured when he becomes a leading century-makers in ICC cricket world cup , for being honoured in , the players are putting 100 percent in practice and want to deliver same in the ground.