Edmonton Movers Requirements

Edmonton Movers Requirements:


What to expect?
At least three business days before you progress in. Movers Edmonton provide our team of energy specialists a out in 310-4300 and we’ll assist you transfer your power and fossil fuel services in minutes.
Be ready

To make the method as fast and painless as potential, be ready to answer some questions on your move:

  • What’s the address of your new home? canthis be your new mailing address?
  • When would you preferyour power and fossil fuelservices to be transferred? By giving North American country a minimum of three business days’ notice, you will avoid having to pay associate degree expedited fee
  • Are power and fossil fuelservices presentlyturned on at your new home? If not, a further fee could apply to show them on.
    In case you were speculative:
    We know you’ve got queries too! Here data to assist answer a few of our customer’s most frequent inquiries regarding transferring services.
    Keep services on in additional than one location

    You can have each your current and new home on an equivalent energy arrange for up to ninety days. we tend to could need a deposit to try to to therefore, which can be determined on a individual basis.

Moving outside associate degree Encore place
Unfortunately, we tend to are not ready to give power and fossil fuel services if your new home is not among our serviceable space (ex. medication Hat). we tend to service around all of Alberta however if you progress outside of the province, you will need to look for a brand new retail merchant for your power and fossil fuel wants.
Putting your account on hold

If you are not certain what your new address are going to be, you’ll place your energy arrange on hold for up to ninety days whereas you ensure your new address.
Preparing for a move is a long and tedious task, however our team of energy specialists area unit here to assist build it a swish transition.